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Tech E&O/Cyber/Media Liability

From small Main Street businesses to large hospitals and multi-layered insurance firms, Quadrant has markets that can write the technology E&O, network security & privacy, or media liability coverage that you are looking for. Coverages can be combined or purchased separately depending on the carrier.

We have an online application for cyber accounts and for technology/MPL accounts.

For cyber accounts with <$30M revenues and/or for technology/MPL accounts with < $10M in revenues, please fill out the btn-ascent-short

For all other firms, please fill out the btn-ascent-full

Cyber / Network Security & Privacy Liability

Cyber, network security and privacy liability coverage is typically prompted by a data breach that has exposed sensitive, protected or personal data, or proprietary business information.

Cyber/Network Security & Privacy Liability Coverages may Include the following:

  • Costs associated with lawsuits caused by a data breach
  • Notification expenses
  • Crisis Management expenses
  • Business Interruption
  • Defense costs, fines, and penalties associated with a regulatory action
  • Network Extortion
  • Forensic Investigation expenses
  • Multimedia and IP associated with liability from advertising and intellectual property risks
  • Flexible limit options up to $10M
  • Excess limits
  • Minimum premiums and deductibles vary by class and market
  • Coverages and limits can be purchased separately or in any combination

Consider Cyber/Network Security & Privacy Liability Insurance if you or your client’s business:

  • Collects, stores, maintains or transmits private customer data or regulated information of clients, customers, and employees
  • Has employees that use Smart Phones which allow access to private customer data
  • Has a website with e-commerce features
  • Has employees with remote access to your network or who take laptops, USB flash drives or PDAs from the office
  • Shares any personally identifiable or sensitive information with third parties or gives third parties access to your network
  • Processes credit card transactions
  • Provides technology services to others
  • Has copyrights/trademarks/patents/trade secrets which you are afraid might be utilized by others

Common causes of data breaches:

  • Hackers gaining access to electronic information usually due to weak and/or stolen passwords
  • Insider negligence or errors
  • Employee misconduct
  • Computer system vulnerabilities
  • Physical theft

Target Classes

  • Small to midsize businesses of all types (

Technology E&O

We turn to IT professionals when we need help navigating the rapidly changing technology universe. IT professionals build our computer systems, make our products more accessible, fix our systems when they break down, and help strengthen our systems against data breaches. IT professionals impact virtually every industry. We rely on their expertise, but mistakes happen—even to IT professionals. That is why technology professionals of every size and type need professional liability insurance to protect them from a claim of financial loss or damages due to a mistake they may make.

Coverage and Highlights

  • Technology E&O (Professional Liability)
  • Flexible limit options up to $10M
  • Excess limits
  • Minimum premiums and deductibles vary by class and market
  • Coverages and limits can be purchased separately or in any combination

Target Classes

  • Small to large businesses
  • Application Service Providers (ASPs)
  • Business Software & Services (CRM, ERP, HR, BI)
  • Health Care Information Software and Data Services
  • Information Services Providers (Data Processor, Data Storage)
  • Technology Services (Installation, Training, Integration, Advice)
  • IT Service (e-commerce, Online Business)
  • IT Staffing Companies
  • Other Technology or Information Services
  • And more

Media Liability

Media liability typically provides protection for media businesses that create or distribute content. Coverage may include intellectual property infringement, defamation, plagiarism, breach of confidentiality, and invasion of privacy. Those businesses that need media liability can include electronic and hardcopy publishers, broadcasters, musicians, advertising agencies, and Video, Film, and TV producers.

Media Liability Coverage and Highlights

  • Multimedia Liability
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Communications Liability
  • Video, Film, and TV producers Liability
  • Flexible limit options up to $10M
  • Excess limits
  • Minimum premiums and deductibles vary by class and market
  • Coverages and limits can be purchased separately or in any combination

Target Classes

  • Marketing, Advertising, and Communications Firms
  • Multimedia Firms
    • Print, Online, Personal appearances, TV, Radio, and Cable
  • Video, Film, and TV Producers

Submission Guidelines

  • Completed application
    • Typically we can work from a competitor’s application or you can contact us for a new application.
  • Loss history
    • 3-5 full years of carrier loss runs, currently valued
  • Claims details
    • Summary of what happened, when, what was paid/by whom, current status, and corrective actions taken. Or complete and submit claim supplement.
  • Financials may be required
  • Define the opportunity
    • Who is the current carrier? Is incumbent offering renewal terms? If no, why not? If yes, why is insured marketing it? To whom is it being marketed? Are there any special concerns?
  • Current and desired premium/deductible/limits
  • Coverages needed and any special coverage requests
  • Effective date
  • Quote need-by date
  • Other coverages that the insured may be interested in
  • Send submission to submissions@quadrant-us.com
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 614.841.1425 and ask for a producer.
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