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Quadrant Insurance Managers is a national program administrator, MGA, and wholesaler for commercial insurance products. We offer a robust selection of coverage solutions to help businesses manage their insurance needs. Our approach is based upon building strong relationships, relying on sound underwriting and marketing principles, and using our collective years of insurance industry experience, skills, and creativity to earn your business.

Why Quadrant
Anyone with a computer can buy coverage over the Internet, but at Quadrant we believe that only a valued relationship will help build the loyalty and longevity that we all strive for in business. Therefore it is important to carefully select who you partner with. We try to be the bridge that connects clients, agents, and markets. By working together to uncover a client’s needs and find solutions, we develop trusted relationships.

What We Do
We write only commercial insurance. Some of our specialties include professional liability, management liability, general liability, and cyber/network security & privacy liability. We work with retail and wholesale insurance agents & brokers; and for select products we can work directly with insureds. Our products are available in most states unless otherwise noted.

Service Beyond Offering a Policy
There is more to being a good insurance partner than simply providing a quote or a policy. At Quadrant we work hard to review submissions, ask questions, and be responsive and timely in servicing your account’s needs. We understand that an urgent question may come up outside of an eight hour day or from a different time zone. Our staff are developed internally under the leadership and guidance of seasoned staff with decades of experience in the insurance industry. This level of experience can translate into added value for our partners.

Relationships are Key
We value having strong relationships with producers, underwriters, carriers and insureds. It is important to understand each carrier’s strength, appetite and risk selection criteria. Producers and insureds look to Quadrant for our knowledge, responsiveness, relationships, and our product and program offerings.

Targeted Wholesale Marketing
How many quotes does an account really need in order to get coverage that is competitive in quality and price? Quadrant has access to an ample number of carriers, but we believe in being selective when it comes to marketing submissions. Our knowledge of the marketplace helps us to select carriers that can perform. Typically, when Quadrant sends a wholesale submission to market we will approach 2 to 4 carriers, based upon our knowledge of the carriers’ appetite and the needs of the account. By limiting the “field”, our carriers are incentivized and the insured benefits from the resulting motivated competition. An additional value is that outside exposure to critical or sensitive account information is limited to just a select number of carriers. We see this marketing approach as a win-win for both the carrier and the insured and limits year-to-year market fatigue.

A Fair Solution
One of our goals is to provide insurance programs with longevity; programs offered at a fair price for the buyer and at a fair profit to the risk taker. That is achieved through quality, service and trust—each is key in building a productive working relationship.


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Quadrant Insurance Managers HQ


"We have all heard that hard work is one of the secrets of success. Well, taking the time to understand a buyer’s perspective is just as important. It is something all business people ought to seek."

– Mark D. Harris, CIC
President & CEO, Quadrant Insurance Managers, Inc.


Armed with sound underwriting and marketing principles, we find and develop solutions for our insurance partners while striving to exceed their expectations one account at a time.


  • 1995
    Mark Harris leaves his successful risk management consulting practice in Atlanta, Georgia to run Assurex Marketing Group (AMG), the marketing arm of Assurex. He spends the next three years working closely with Assurex to redefine AMG. During this time we further developed a specialty product called ProSLIP®—Professional Liability for Surplus Lines Insurance Professionals.
  • 1998
    Quadrant Insurance Managers is formed as an operating subsidiary to AMG. For the first time non-Assurex producers are allowed to access AMG.
  • 1999
    US RE Corporation is brought in as the new majority shareholder, adding resources, capital, and vertical integration to the AMG products.
  • 2001
    Clarendon Insurance Group is added into the mix as a shareholder. With the addition of Clarendon, the virtual insurance company concept is launched at AMG. In that same year, Quadrant Insurance Managers of FL, LLC is added as a subsidiary and Quadrant’s Florida Nursing Home Program, with Century Insurance Group, is started.
  • 2004
    Mr. Harris works closely with US RE Corporation to lead a management buy-out of Quadrant Insurance Managers. Epoch Underwriting Management is formed as a transition vehicle to acquire the assets of AMG/Quadrant. Operating under the Epoch banner starting February 1, 2004, the employees of Quadrant set out on their own.
  • 2005
    Quadrant Insurance Services, LLC of Texas is formed.
  • 2014
    Quadrant celebrates ten years of independence! Quadrant Underwriting Management is formed as a new operating subsidiary.


Mark D. Harris, CIC – President & CEO
Our company focus on integrity, relationships, and underwriting stems from our CEO and President, Mark Harris, who started his insurance career in 1972 and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Quadrant. Having worked at various insurance firms such as AIG, Coroon & Black, RHH (later known as AON), and Assurex Marketing Group, Mark learned most aspects of the insurance industry. Forming Quadrant allowed Mark to put all of the pieces together and develop a talented, committed, and close-knit team that is dedicated to serving our clients’ needs. While a great deal of underwriting today is done “in a box”, Quadrant thrives on finding solutions “outside of the box” and challenges employees to follow that vision. Our company philosophy of hard work and responsibility compliments the caring family environment we share at Quadrant.

In addition to the duties involved in running Quadrant, Mark is a producer and underwriter. With a strong underwriting philosophy and industry knowledge, Mark helps develop our underwriting staff. Mark is an alum of Franklin & Marshall College, a past president of OAPSLO, and a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) (25 years). Recently he assisted in getting Ohio’s captive statute approved and implemented.

Tom Harvey – Director & Honorary Chairman
Tom Harvey retired as CEO of Assurex Global, the largest privately held insurance brokerage/risk management organization in the world. Assurex is owned by more than 60 of the larger, independent commercial insurance agencies. During his tenure, insurance premium placements grew from $5 billion to $19 billion, and the organization’s international presence expanded from less than a dozen to over sixty countries. Mr. Harvey also managed two Assurex affiliates, an offshore reinsurance company, and an investment-banking firm that facilitated management buyouts of more than fifteen insurance agencies.

His prior experience includes a dozen years as a venture capitalist and six years of sales and marketing responsibilities with XEROX. He holds a BA from Georgetown and an MBA from George Washington.

Mr. Harvey’s current focus is advising management on issues such as marketing, distribution, leadership, raising capital, and effective use of directors/advisors. He is a faculty member at the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University where he developed the Entrepreneurial Marketing curriculum. Tom serves as our Honorary Chairman.

Karen Harris – Director of Marketing & Vice President
Karen Harris has provided a variety of marketing and other services to Quadrant since November 2000 serving first as a consultant and in 2007 joining as a staff member. As Director of Marketing, Karen’s primary role is to conduct both company and individual product marketing efforts. In this capacity, Karen promotes and tracks the direction of Quadrant’s internal and external positioning, branding, and relationships. She handles additional projects that require copywriting and design, as well as any print and electronic mediums. Karen will often assist in creating proposals, authoring insurance related articles for Quadrant, and handling other special marketing projects and presentations.

In addition to marketing, Karen manages our Agents & Brokers loss control program (Quality Assurance), works as a producer and handles some administrative functions. She is a graduate of The University of Houston and holds a master’s degree from Rutgers University. Her academic and professional focuses are in Social Work, Communication, Fine Arts, and Marketing.

Quadrant Texas Operation—Quadrant Insurance Services, LLC

Galen L. Buisson – Advisor & Director
Quadrant Insurance Services, LLC
Galen Buisson has spent over 30 years in the insurance industry starting as a commercial lines producer in 1977 at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in Texas, where he earned Top Producer honors.

Galen continued his insurance career with senior positions at several firms including Vice President of Agency Operations at Desert American Insurance Agency and President of Southwest Insurance System, which was acquired by Willis Corroon. In 1992, Galen left Willis Corroon to become President and founder of Advance Risk International, Ltd. (ARI). There he developed core business strategies for clients in both the US and international arena, and established captive programs, which included reinsurance structures for large multinational clients. He also founded Terramar General Agency in Texas, a joint-venture underwriting facility with Frontier Insurance Company focusing on property insurance and liability exposures. Galen serves on the Board of Directors of Epoch Underwriting Management Agency Corp.

William T. Baycroft – President, Quadrant Insurance Services, LLC
Since 1969, Bill Baycroft has worked in the insurance industry with companies such as American Indemnity Group, Hartford Insurance Group, Assurance Management Associates, and with Essary, Hart & MacWilliam, Inc./Cravens Warren & Co. Presently, Bill is with BancorpSouth in Houston, TX.

Commercial property, casualty, and employee benefits are areas of Bill’s expertise, and his experience includes marketing, producing and underwriting. He has worked closely with other agents and investors in organizing, hiring, and establishing procedures for a Texas Lloyds operation.

Bill holds the professional designation of CIC and has served on the Board of Directors of the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston and the membership committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas. Additional achievements include co-founding the Houston Independent News, the IIA of Houston’s publication, and receiving the Outstanding Committee Chairman award. Bill directed the start-up and ongoing operations of Quadrant Insurance Services, LLC in Houston.