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“What tipped the scales for me was the broker I went through. Quadrant sent out our application to several markets and the quotes from the various companies were compared to give me a comprehensive understanding of what my options were. When I am dealing with a broker who cares to that level, they will get my vote, as I know they care about my business. Did it cost me to go through a broker rather than place it direct as I have done for the past two years? Yes, but I will pay the additional premium knowing that in the event of a claim, I have an advocate who will help me, one who is knowledgeable and experienced in professional lines since our firm is focused on P&C risks. Service sells. I am seeing that played out more and more and Quadrant’s service won this account.”

Karen Q.
President, MGA / Insurance Wholesaler

“Full disclosure: Karen and Mark Harris are two of the finest people I know and are dear friends. Fortunately for your company, they are also experienced insurance professionals focused on assisting carriers of your size, complexity and integrity. When you meet with them you invest your time, you do not waste it.”

Joseph L. Petrelli
President, Demotech, Inc.

“My observation regarding Quadrant is that they have been very professional and thorough in seeking the best professional liability coverage for our risk retention group. I have been pleased with Quadrant’s efforts in attempting to enhance our coverage each year through modifying policy language and endorsements to expand our coverage and incorporating coverage for related entities into the policy. Overall, they have done an excellent job for us.”

Brian D.
President, Risk Retention Group

“Quadrant Insurance has become my go-to resource for all my insurance needs. Not just our company’s but also for our member-insureds. Whenever we need assistance, they’re extremely responsive, creative and helpful. Definitely someone I’d recommend!”

William T.
President, Risk Retention Group

“Quadrant—exceptional responsiveness. Results and integrity consistently shown in a twenty year relationship. High comfort level placing critical accounts with the Quadrant staff.”

Tom P.
Vice President, Client Services Retail Agency

“Quadrant stands apart from other insurance intermediaries because of their unique and close relationships with underwriters across the globe, their creativity, their coverage analysis, their understanding of the insurance marketplace, and their personal service. They deliver value, not just insurance products. It is a true pleasure to work with Mark Harris and the entire staff at Quadrant. Their professionalism is unmatched.”

Tim T.
President, Retail Agency

“We placed our trust in Quadrant from the day we started the agency and have not been disappointed. Their knowledge of coverages, the marketplace and longevity in the business makes them a great partner for us. Our broker is always accessible, and where else in our business can you actually get the owner on the phone if you have a question or issue to discuss? Quadrant = positive results.”

David B.
Producer, Insurance Wholesaler

“Wanted to send you a quick note to catch you up on my journey on the E&O policy. I am officially no longer a novice at E&O. It was a two month journey but definitely a necessary one. First, thank you for connecting me with Jillian. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am to have worked with her. She was extremely professional and delivered a ton of value in adding to my knowledge. I am a pretty small agency, but she treated me with the same respect as a large agency. Truly exceptional.”

Brad H.
President, Owner

“Technology has had a dramatic effect on our businesses and our lives. Analytics have helped us all to better manage our time and efforts. In the insurance world we applaud quotes turned around almost instantly. However, some business opportunities require the art of underwriting”, as opposed to “underwriting in a box”. Quadrant’s business model is built around the concept of working creatively to find a solution which fits the buyer’s needs and the appetite of the marketplace.”

Mark Harris, President & CEO
Quadrant Insurance Managers

Quadrant Insurance Managers HQ


“Part of our mantra has been to create win-win solutions: deals that work for both the buyer and the seller. This combination proves the most lasting and beneficial. Given the insurance industry, and its “promise to pay” feature, we find most one-sided alternatives lacking.”

– Mark D. Harris, CIC
President & CEO, Quadrant Insurance Managers, Inc.